About Us

Specialized in energy-efficient waste transfer solutions - pneumatic waste systems, chutes and waste stations. The wide product portfolio includes a number of automated solutions for mixed and organic waste (BIO waste), energy waste and for paper / cardboard material including laundry. The reference installations can be found in hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centers, food service centers, kitchens, and city centers, making Ecosir Group one of the industry-leading systems supplier.

Vacuum transfer for solid waste - XMIT

XMIT system transports waste in pipes effectively. The diameter of the pipelines are typically 250-500 mm and the size is determined based on the waste fractions and final application. The waste bags are fed in to the inlets which are located close to the user or waste source point. The system is designed to carry one or more fractions in the same pipeline system and it can be connected even to the SHAFTLINE system to formulate a lager system solution. The bigger waste fractions like cardboard can be crushed in to the smaller pieces. The small and crushed particles can be then transported forward by using smaller pipelines quickly and effectively into the compactor powered waste station.

Vacuum transfer for organic (BIO) waste - XMIT BIO

XMIT BIO transfer systems are cost-effective solutions to handle the organic (BIO) waste. The organic waste is collected by user friendly inlets, and the locations are designed individually for layout application, or they are even integrated with other kitchen furniture.

Waste station - SIRLIFT

It is an underground waste station and waste compactor with a lift system. It is space saving, only a small filling bin is located on the ground. It is an environment friendly solution and there are no odors from the bins. Seen to be 3-5 times more efficient than traditional or semi-underground containers. Installation is fast and easy.

Transfer stations - Underground

We have the know-how to keep the surroundings tidy and clean. An award winning solution- Sirlift plant - is an effective waste solution for various applications like city centers, pedestrial areas, public parks, hospitals and residential areas.

Shaft line chute system

The Shaftline chute systems are ideal and extremely efficient collection solution for vertical transfer of waste or laundry. The collection is easy and fast from the upper floors down to the containers or compactor. The selected waste fractions or laundry can be transferred horizontally forward in to the waste station by using XMIT pneumatic transfer technology.

Service solution

We increase the perform of your process by keeping systems up and running 24/7. The best performance can be reached through EG - Service Care solution which provides to you trouble free business hours and maximum efficiency. Ecosir Group Oy has professional service team together its local service partners. The service solution includes scheduled services, emergency services (24/7) and modernization and upgrades.

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